One of life's simple pleasures is to cook, and next to cook for those you share your life with.  The recipes that feature in Sunday Night are listed here.  Enjoy and cook with love for those you do.

Recipes by Category

Recipes by Alpha Below

Almond and Fruit Mince Square  - Christmas

Almond Muffins with gooey fig centres - baking with a twist

Almond Oat and Currant Cookies - goodies from Riverstone

Almond and Tamarillo Cake - seasonal baking

ANZAC Biscuits- Patriotic Favourite

Apricot Ricotta Cake - baking or dessert

Arabian Nights Cake - for that exotic touch

Asian Roast Chicken with Spiced Peaches - succulent

Asparagus and Couscous salad

Asparagus and Fennel Risotto with Ricotta and Lemon

Baby Ginger Pear Cakes - special baking

Bacon and Egg Pie - Picnioc lunches and Holiday kai

Baked Risotto - dinner or lunch

Baked Asparagus Rolls - Lunch or Supper

Baked Peaches - dessert

Balsamic Salmon with Dill

Bang up Burgers - make yummy burgers at home

Basic Soup Selection - great soup selection of recipes

Beef Ragout - hearty eating

Beef Spinach and pasta bake - comfort food

Beef, Tomato and Bacon Tart - lunch, picnic or supper

Beetroot - vegetables

Best Pickled Pork - meals and lunches

Best  Whitebait Fritters - yummy

Bittersweet Salad - tangy change

Bliss balls - healthy but yummy

Bobbi's Biscuits - cookie stash

Bran Biscuits - wholesome goodness from my Mum

Broad bean and pea smash with ricotta - vege dish good enough for a main

Brocolli and Kiwifruit Salad - a crunchy fresh vegetable salad with a stunning dressing

Candied Nuts - CHristmas, gift or nibble

Carrot Cake - my sister's recipe and to die for - so yummy

Carrot Orange and Ginger soup - Winter warmer

Cassoulet - winter comfort food

Char grilled Chicken Salad with Asparagus and Blood Orange - lunch or dinner

Cheese Log - savoury treat - great snack

Cheese Puffs - old family fav and so yummy

Cheese Straws - an old family recipe, great with drinks or for a snack

Chicken Melon Salad - fresh with the taste of summer - good for lunch or dinner

Chinese Poached Chicken - light zesty and tasty

Chocolate Log - oldie but a goodie

Chocolate Pav divine dessert

Christmas Chutney - a great gift or super with the festive ham

Christmas Thumbprints - little treats with coffee or for a gift

Chutney and Jam - tomato treats

Cider Berries with vanilla Syrup - seasonal treat juzzed up

Cinnamon Oysters - an old favourite for afternoon tea or dessert

Club Sandwiches and their Cousins - a staple the club sandwich never fails nor do their cousins

Coffee Fudge - a great gift or treat yourself

Coffee Pav - yummy and a kick at the same time

Cornflake Meringues - very carameli and not too sweet treat

Corn Fritters - breakfast lunch or light meal

Crab in Wasabi Mayo - Light meal or starter

Cranberry, Feta and Couscous Slice - Light meal or lunch

Cranberry and nut nougat - Christmas treat

Cranberry and Nut Nougat Slice

Cumberband Tomatoes with Salmon Mousse - A stunning Christmas nibble but great all year round

Curried Pea Soup - simple and tasty

Dressing for Fresh seafood - decadent but a treat

Easy Tamarillo and Pear Jam 

Eggless Patty Cakes - Baking and great for the kids

GIngerbread Slice - a great alternative to crunch and loaf

Gingered Pork with Feijoas - great meal idea

Ginger Syrup - drink and gift

Golden Sausages - old favourite

Grandma's Christmas Pud - this is Christmas as it was when you were young - all it needs is a sixpence

Green Bean Edamane and Fennell Salad

Green Bean Sugar Snap and Cranberry Salad

Fabulous Feijoas - lots of ideas to use up all your spare

(More) Fabulous Feijoas - but wait!

Fish and Mussell Chowder - substanial

Fresh Tomato Salsa - yummy with any summer goodies

Funny Face Biscuits - great for kids parties holiday baking FUN

Garth Hokianga - healthy eating - Power muffins etc

Gingerbread men

Golden Kiwifruit and Mint Salad - refreshing summer salad

Grandma's Christmas Cake - tried and true century old family recipe

Ginger Pork and Feijoas - tasty meal

Green Goddess Sauce - a stunning accompaniment to most food both taste and visually

Ham Puffs - from a friend great for supper or to go with soup

Holiday Baking Favourites - great things for the kids to make, bake and play with

Honey Baby Carrots - great way with Vege

Hot Smoked Snapper with kaffir lime salad - NZ's best

Italian Meatballs - winter warmers

Italain Stuffed Peaches - great for the barbie

Jamaican Lime Biscuits - to have with coffee or parcel up for a friend

Jenni's salad - yummy

Karen's Fresh Tomato Tart/s - lunch dinner picnics - whatever

Kawakawa and vanilla shortbread

Kid's Play Stuff - you know playdough, finger painting goo etc

Kid's Cup Cakes - Party favourites

Kid's Stuff - smoothies and pancakes

Lemon Couscous - Autmn bounty

Lemon shortbread Stars - great for Christmas but good any time of the year

Lemon Squash - for long summer days, with Gin or bottled as a gift

Tiger Cake - Family's favourite Lois Daish cake

Lemon Squash - tangy but so good

Lemon Cheesecake - tangy dessert

Lemon Honey Sponge Roll - treat yourself

Lime Honey - a new twist on an old favourite and a great gift

Lime poppyseed pineapple syrup cake - tangy goodness

Love Asparagus - cook it, bake it, roast it a variety of recipes sure to please

Macadamia Shortbread - Baking treat and super gift

Maranui Fritters on Puy Lentills - lunch or breakfast

Apricot Ricotta Cake

Mince Balls - a old family recipe, fiddly but well worth it - they will queue for them

Mint Feta and Yoghurt Dip

Mushroom Bruschetta - ie Mushies on toast

Mussell Fritters - Kiwi standard

My Mum's Fish Pie - yummy and tasty

Nectarine and Pecan stuffed Pork, chicken or Turkey

Nigella's cupcake mix

One of Each Soup - a unusual combo worth a try

Orange Chocolate Chippies - crisp yumminess

Orange and Date Muffins - another goodie from my MUM

Panaforte - Christmas treat to keep or give

Pancakes - Breakfast, lunch - kids

Parmigiana de Melezane- with eggplant

Parmesan Bites - great with drinks

Parsnip, bacon and mushroom hash browns - A full breakfast mouthful

Parsnip and leek mash - try these vege for a change

Pate - once you make this recipe there will be no other!

Pea and Spinach Soup - yummy Winter mix

Peanut Joys - Good oldtime baking

Peperonata - intense tomato yumminess

Pickled Vegetables - Serve with cheese or cold cuts, or do as I do and give as a gift

Pickled Watermelon Rind

Piklets - old recipe sure to please

Piklets and Scones - old time stand bys

Pizza scrolls - lunches, snacks, kids

Plum Chutney and Beetroot Relish - more preserves

Powder Puffs - old fashioned Fav

Power Muffins - healthy but great

Quince Bounty - golden deliciousness

Raspberry Recipe Assortment - plenty to use these delectible berries for during their short season

Raw kitchen Morrocan bowl - fresh 'clean' eating

Red Velvet Cupcakes - seeing red

Risotto Con punti di Asparagus - my favourite risotto

Rocket, pear, walnut and blue cheese salad - very special flavours

Ruth Pretty's  Potato and Choritzo Salad

Salmon and Avocado Roulade

Salmon Bites - tasty and Zingy

Salmon Carpacco, shaved asparagus and Asian dressing  - Yummy lunch or light dinner

Salmon Log - as an entree or with drinks

Salted Caramel Slice - you won't be able to stop

Salted Chocolate Brownie - Yummy

Sausage Rolls - home made are best and easy

Sauvignon and MInt Jelly

Savoury Snacks for Winter and Rugby - a hearty selection

Savoury Toasties - another family favourite for breakfast, lunch or supper

Scallops and Lemon - a fabulous lunch, dinner or salad

Scallop Tarts - serve with drinks

Sesame and Oregano Lavosh - snack stuff

Shaved zuchinni with goats cheese and almonds

Shortbread - a selection of recipes, always a winner

Snapper Cakes with Mango Salsa

Snapper Salad - a summer treat

Spaghetti with Asparagus - so yummy and homeade asparagus pesto thrown in

Spiced Kiwifruit Pickle - preserve and gift

Spring Fruit Cake - a light fresh cake

Summer Fruit Cake - a light summer dessert featuring the best of summer's fruit

Summer Fruit Custard Tart - another dessert with the best of summer's berries

Summer Refreshers - elderberry based refreshing coolers

Sweet Potato Gallettes - lunch, dinner, snack

Tamarillo and Blue Cheese stuffed Chicken Breasts  - yummy dinner

Tamarillo Pear and Lemon Crumble - hearty desert

Tamarillo Salad - tangy and different

Tamarillo Sauce - goes with everything

Tamarillo Sauce bottled - eat at home or gift

Thai salad - tangy and tasty

The Eatiung House Coleslaw - yummy as

Tiger Cake - Family's favourite Lois Daish cake

Time Bombs - Hazelnut and Apricot Balls for coffee, treat, or gift

Tiny Lemon Tarts - sweet treat

Toasties - savoury snack - kids

Tomato Risotto - meal

Tomato Relishes - preerves

Tomato sauces - anythime

Tray baked oven  Ratatoullie Pasta

Tripe - not everyone's cup of tea

Valentine Biscuits - love food

 Very Rich Truffle Cake - incredible dessert

Vietnamese BBQ Chicken

Vietnamese mango salad

Watermelon Salad

Watermelo mojitos

Weekender Biscuits - Old favourite

Whitebait - Kiwi favourite

Winter roasted salad - seasonal produce

 Zuchinni and Olive Enchiladas - Autumn Bounty