2016 No 5   Zizz!


I am not sure it is even a word though; it is the title of a book.  The Roger HarrickÕs book on Len Lye and by default perhaps itÕs the best description of my week.


From start to finish is been a zizz!  I like to think zizz is a verb, and is been action packed.  Our band is trying out a whole new sound, learning some thing new arrangements.  Once again our leader is calling on us to step up, so if you missed our last concert – watch this space.  ItÕs exhilarating trying new things, itÕs testing, and I love it.


My flying visit to New Plymouth was an oasis.  There for a wedding and to help with the Grandees, I squeezed in the new Len Lye centre.  I cannot help but feel proud when you see this gleaming building. A fitting and visionary tribute to an artist it is hard to put a descriptor on.  Read the HorrockÕs book is revelatory.   What I like most was how it describes how he lived his life, with energy and happiness.  You get transported to a place of exhilaration.  I took my stich group gals there a few yearsÕ back and they said how havenÕt we heard of Len Lye.  For quite some time is story has fascinated me, I take every opportunity to introduce people to his joy and art – it makes you smile and laugh.  Feeding your self with exhilaration adds dimension to your life.  Take every opportunity.


New Plymouth has its own flavour being out on a limb itÕs gone its own way.  The public art and gardens are fabulous and we discovered some great food and entertainment. Home of Womad, its worth the drive.  The coastal walkway is stunning and as I cycled my way north lots of locals and visitors were out enjoying it as well.  Spanned by the Te Rewa Rewa bridge this spectacular design and piece of art honouring the landscape it resides in, is worth travelling to New Plymouth just for this alone.


Arriving home it was back on two wheels today – keeping the legs turning for the week ahead.  Speed of Light is the opening beat for the RNZB this year and kapow what a way to launch the new artistic director.  It might not be everyoneÕs cup of tea but it sure was exhilarating.


Turn up the fun factor in Christchurch with Holi Indian Festival of Colour next weekend couple this with their Spectrum Street Art Festival your life will have all the colour it needs.  Grab a spot in Auckland as well – the Colour Run.

Over the years Jacob Rajan has provided so much insight into our society, Indian Ink has just announced its 2016 programme – check it out.


Over the last few weeks all things tartan have rocked Wellington, mow its AucklandÕs turn The James Plays – looks good.  Got me hooked, in a way itÕs a shame I am cycling this week, as the James Plays and Dust to Dusty would have ensured I had grabbed a seat to Auckland.  I love the music of Dusty Springfield, a bit of a singing role model for me on up north next weekend.


For all you rockers who remember when – check out the Auckland line-up in March Brian Wilson, Mick FleetwoodÕs Blues Band and Noel GallagherÕs High Flying Birds.  Fill your boots.


Then to this wonderful bud called Wellington.  What a month ahead just relax and go with flow – let it wash over you.  I am finding it hard to get my head around all the goodies. 


I love the way the city comes alive – just being on the city beat is exhilarating.  Writers and Readers week has a super line –up but if you are up country there is a new kid in town the Ruapehu Writers Festival. A great place for a stopover. 


I am not sure about next week, I will be at about Collingwood – Sunday Night may or may not dispatch.


Word – Zizz ! it had to be


Watching – New season TV Girls, Unforgotten, The Good Wife, Billions and The Night Manager


Eating- Pacific Rose apples – crisp and sweet


Reading – The latest Fashion Quarterly and waiting for  The Party Line, Sue Orr from the library


Listening - my Ipod and singing at the top of my voice all the way to New Plymouth and back


So full circle back to Len Lye.  The more you find out about a person, the more you want to know.  His art, mainly his kinetic sculptures have entranced me.  I now have come to learn a whole lot more about him.  Art, words, science, movement, and energy he captured it all.  It seems he was the most wonderful person.  As he grew older he describes his life in the most open and refreshing manner. He saidÉ..


the greatest thing about life is its magic.  The greatest thing to do about it is get some of it while the goingÕs good.  The greatest way to give thanks, is to add to it.  Art is a way to not only feel the magic but to add to it permanently.


What an attitude.  DonÕt hold back I guess you could call it the Zizz factor = get some of it while the going is good.