It has always been one of my aims to try something new each year.  For a while now I have been considering the idea of a regular newsletter, or Chat Sheet.


I like finding out about things and have an enquiring mind (some might say too much so).  I find I am often asked for ideas, recipes, books, gifts, all sorts of casual information.  My idea is to email on a semi-regular basis snapshots of all of these.  Add to this an exchange of ideas, and information,  a place to get any event out and a  zest for life  etc  and have some fun doing it.


So here goes Sunday Night , why that title – I looked at all the obvious , plays on names, words, strung to together – Chitter, Twitter, Whitter but I see Ashton Kutcher has given Oprah a lesson on Twitter so she is Queen of that domain now also.


For me Sunday night has always been my time, a place to look forward to a fresh week, pack away the old and organise what’s coming up and put my feet up etc.  So here goes.  Ideas, recipes, reads, views, and great and wonderful experiences.


The newsletter / website lays no claim to brilliant writing, just a girly chat.  Feel free to contribute ideas, suggestions, recommendations, events, announcements to the mix.


Most of all enjoy.