Sunday Night is for lovers of life; the excitement of new ideas and things to do;  for us girls who want to experience as much as we can cram into our lives be it activities, experiences, or the richness family and friends provide. Every day provides wonder and opportunity.


Looking at the world through the best lens possible has always been my motto; Life is the gift we all receive at birth - enjoy and discover its richness and excitement whenever you can.  You can live life or 'sign up for it' subscribe to it.


Visit my place on Sunday Night -to celebrate and enjoy places, events, recipes, good times, girltalk, fun and friendship, comment, ideas, things to do and read, life, Wellington and beyond, and applaud - That there is never a day when the world is not new.


Refresh and envigorate yourself on Sunday Night  with the promise of the upcoming week and reflection on the week just gone.

2016  Newsletters - Latest - No 6 The Golden Weather